Meeting: Arejay Hale und Josh Smith Selfie by Josh and Arejay (c) the1mag At the moment, Halestorm is touring Europe as a support...

One half of Halestorm

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Meeting: Arejay Hale und Josh Smith

Selfie by Josh and Arejay (c) the1mag

At the moment, Halestorm is touring Europe as a support act of Alter Bridge. We had the pleasure to meet Arejay (drums) and Josh (bass) on the day of their concert in Vienna. Rumor has it that all of the band members are very down to earth, funny and nice to meet. Well, they are right. These guys are not only talented but witty and funny too... 

Hi guys. Welcome to Austria! Have you had already the opportunity to taste Austrian beer?

Josh: I don't know. What is Austrian beer?

Ottakringer for example.

Arejay: Yeah, we had that. I liked it!

Josh: Is it made here?

Yeah, in Ottakring. 

Josh: We are in Simmering right now, right?

Yes. But speaking of alcohol: There was a bottle of Jägermeister in the video to "Here's to us". Austrians tend to believe that it's made here, but it's not. It's actually German. But the worst stuff to get drunk with.

Arejay: Haha, yeah, I think so - I don't know if I could drink enough of it to get drunk.

You haven't missed anything. Is being a rockstar more fun or more work?

checking out the cell...
Arejay: Well, I wouldn't say that we are stars. But being a musician is work too but definately more fun.

Josh: Yeah, it is. But the hard thing is: if you're sick and hundreds of people are waiting for you to come on stage, you can't just stay in bed. There are no sick leaves.

How does it feel to be successful? What are the good and the bad things that come with success?

Arejay: Well, the best thing is that you are doing what you love and you get paid for it. It's a great feeling to live from what you love.

Josh: Plus, we get to travel a lot.

And you entertain lots of people while doing your job. Do you still get nervous before going on stage? I mean - you're doing this for a while now.

Arejay: Oh yes, we do get nervous.

Josh: The hardest part for me isn't being on stage. For me it's worse when I've got to do a live speach; you know, when someone is holding a mike and a camera in front of you and is waiting for you to say something. Like in those talkshows; Kimmel was hard but I think that wasn't even the hardest one.

Arejay. Yeah, or when we had to say something in front of the Grammy audience - that was tough. We hadn't prepared anything, cause we weren't expecting to win.

Josh: And the Golden Gods!

You know, there is this saying that you know you've made it, when one of your songs is covered in "Glee". So - how was it to get "Here's to us" covered by the show's cast?

Arejay: It was great! First we thought it's going to be all pop and girly, but in take a selfie
fact it wasn't.

Josh: It wasn't at all. It was a pretty dark episode about suicide and stuff. We all were like "wow"!

Arejay: You know, we haven't watched it before but we were at a party of some relatives and all the teens there were filling Lzzy in about what's going on in the show. Like "He loves her but hates him and loves someone else"....

But you had to clean up the lyrics for the show.

Arejay: Yeah, we did. They liked it. It's the same with most radio stations. You can't sing "fuck" for example. 

Josh: But you can have "balls" in the lyrics. Like in "Love bites" (sings).

Arejay: Europe is so different. It's no problem here, right? And you have boobs in TV!

Josh: Even in the newspapers!

Yes, that's true. So, talking about newspapers and TV: How come that your private life is still private? There's not really a lot gossip about you guys.

(c) the1mag
Arejay: Maybe because we aren't that famous. But there are weird things happening. There were some people stalking my girlfriend via social media and stuff like that, just to get in contact with us. That's why I am usually careful with social media. I don't like facebook for example. But on the other hand: I mention her a lot in tweets, for example when the new album of her band came out. I was all like: come on guys, go and get the album!

Josh: Same goes for me. My girlfried was taking pics in front of the stage during a concert when some people approached her because they thought she'd might know the band and that they can contact us via her.

Arejay: But in general our fans are were respectful, especially towards Lzzy. We love our fans and are very thankful to have them.

Who are your personal heroes?

Josh: My parents!

Arejay: Yes, my family. And the family of my girl. Her mom had to fight cancer like three times, but she never gave up, she is still very positive and enjoying life. I would say she is definately one of my personal heroes.

And what was the best advice you ever got?

Arejay: My dad always told us to do what we do in a very honest way and to make every song sound the best we can before performing it in front of an audience. 

Josh: Before I got into the band I worked in my dad's business. It was real hard work, so I know what hard work is; plus: I knew that I could always come back if it's not working out with the music. My parents always were very encouraging.
If you listen carefully you can hear some 90ies rock influence in your songs.

pure Hale :)
Arejay: Yes, I love 90ies rock like Nirvana. But I discovered Kurt Cobain after he was already dead.

Josh: Yeah, cause Nirvana was at one point so mainstream in the 90ies. First I didn't like them at all cause all these grunge kids were playing their tunes in such a crappy way!

How do you guys describe your music to people who haven't heard of you before?

Josh: It's rock, in a classy way, mixed with softer tunes, great lyrics... that's a hard question.

Arejay. Cause we are us. Pure us. Genius us.

Don't miss the chance to check out how genius this band really is - they will be back in Vienna in April for their headlining tour - be there!

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