TOMS - Where high quality products meet social responsibility Founded 2006 by Blake Mycoskie to sell shoes and help people in need, TOM...

TOMS - One for One

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TOMS - Where high quality products meet social responsibility

Founded 2006 by Blake Mycoskie to sell shoes and help people in need, TOMS is now more than a company. It's a movement.


After the American traveler Blake Mycoskie made friends with some kids in an Argentinian village and discovered, that they were too poor to afford shoes, he felt like he had to do something against that. He came up with the idea of One for One, where in return of every purchased product, the company gives another one to someone in need.

They started by selling TOMS Shoes in 2006 and have sold more than 10 million pairs of shoes ever since. That means in return: more than 10 million people in need got a pair of shoes provided by TOMS. Due to the fact that the company is profit-based and not dependent on donations, TOMS is able to provide sustainable help. The idea of One for One worked out when it came to shoes, but Mycoskie witnessed more than the problem of not having shoes. He applied the idea to other products and soon, TOMS Eyewear followed.

For every purchased pair of sunglasses, the company helps to restore the sight of people in need, they also provide medical treatment or optical frames. It was possible to help more than 150.000 people to get back their sight, to get medical treatment or surgery in over 10 countries in the world. Furthermore, TOMS support sustainable community-based eye-care programs and helps to create professional jobs. 

You can't stop a rolling stone like TOMS, cause new socially responsible projects are coming up. The latest one is TOMS Roasting Co. For every sold pack of premium coffee, they provide one week of clean water to a person in need. TOMS also partners with Water for People and supports clean water projects in the countries their coffee beans grow.

During the years, One for One became a movement that is still evolving. As more and more ideas got involved, The Marketplace was founded. Over 30 socially conscious brands offer their services there. 

Let's face it: We all know that there are masses of people out there who aren't in the lucky position to get basic things like clean water or clothes in the next shop. Most of us want to help but simply don't do it. May it be laziness or the own tight financial circumstances. That's were TOMS Shoes for example comes in handy. They are not only very comfortable and cool design-wise, but also of high quality and really affordable. But still: If you buy them, you help. So go for it and get your own pair of TOMS Shoes or Eyewear; we love that stuff!

You can shop online via; if you are located in Europe, you can also get them at and in their stores. Please excuse us now - we need to get new shoes. For us and a person in need.

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